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A company dedicated to cutting through the noise giving business tangible insights and practical strategies for AI, Automation, Cloud and Data.

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We help business to unleash the power of AI, Gen AI, Decision Insight and Cloud to accelerate their profits and performance. With real world experience of strategy and implementation you’ll get a BS-free approach built on real world knowledge.

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Kieran is an AI & Automation practitioner, with extensive board level experience

Kieran doesn’t just talk about AI and automation he’s a real-world strategist and implementer. He’s walked the walk in a variety of sectors notably law, insurance, publishing and technology. With a voracious appetite for learning and curiosity that translates itself back into how to make business the best it can be, you will get brains, passion, enthusiasm, a great team player and someone who’s very ethical. Kieran will help you plan it, deliver it and execute it; whilst also really caring about the outcomes. Kieran and his team see the complete picture and join everything together for their clients through a range of specialised services.

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Consultancy Services

Adopting AI, Automation and GenAI is full of challenges,
from understanding the plentiful opportunities,
reviewing existing systems and processes to navigating
the crowded landscape of solutions. Never mind the
complexities of managing data, ethics, governance and
That’s where we come in, to investigate, evaluate and
collaborate with your senior teams:

  • Conduct a comprehensive organisational overview of your existing systems and processes
  • Reshape your objectives using AI, automation and GenAI
  • Develop roadmaps for adoption of new technologies and build the use cases
  • Build a data science team with the capability to manage the new processes
  • Review your people and talent strategy to align with your new strategies
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Keynote Speaker

Kieran is known for his ability to provide actionable strategies that help organizations adapt and thrive in this digital world. His experience working for and collaborating with global enterprises across automation, AI, Gen AI, blockchain, data, and cloud technologies positions him as a rare blend of a speaker who talks the talk and walks the talk. Before each engagement, Kieran will spend time understanding your goals to ensure he delivers a personalized talk that meets all your objectives. This includes the audience, style of venue and event format.

Businesses must become constantly reinventing organisms, contact Kieran to unlock the way forward.

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The A-Z of Generative AI

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The A-Z of Organizational Digital Transformation

This easily digestible and accessible A to Z guide will allow you to dip in and out of the topics you need, to enable a painless and efficient Digital Transformation journey.


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Unlock the way forward to being a generative, intelligently automated and constantly reinventing business.


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Award-winning expert in AI, Data Analytics and Intelligent Automation

Kieran Gilmurray is the author of the book “The A-Z of Organizational Digital Transformation.” He is regularly ranked as one of the top global experts Automation, Data Analytics, Brand Influencers and Business Technology Innovators.

Kieran is a senior executive with 28+ years of experience leading digital transformations for businesses. He has been a director, board member, research fellow and advisor to multiple international companies. And has won many national, international and global awards including.

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Consultancy Services

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  • Reshape your business using AI, automation and GenAI.
  • We can guide you through the complexities of automation.
  • With so many new technologies available it’s a crowded landscape and we are here to navigate the way forward.
  • The opportunities to improve your business performance and profits are plentiful but understanding what your goals are and your current processes are key to unlocking potential.

Conference and Company Keynotes

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  • Transform your event with Kieran, charismatic and engaging he brings the future of work to life.
  • Sample Keynotes Include:
  • The Generative Enterprise: AI-Driven to the Core
  • Decision insight: the only competitive advantage left
  • Seizing the data advantage for marketers
  • The future of automation
  • Revolutionizing HR: How AI can optimize every stage of the employment cycle

Board Workshops

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  • Interactive and practical session for c-suite executives
  • A detailed explanation of the endless possibilities and huge benefits AI, Automation and GenAI can offer followed by a hands-on workshop to develop a way forward
  • The outcome from the day will be a plan and strategy to shape the future operation including a timeline for implementation

Content Marketing

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  • Whether you’re a new player or well established we can make a difference to how you are perceived
  • We provide a service to support vendors with their positioning
  • Honest impartial advice
  • Unlock the potential of your products and services

Podcasts, Webinars and Company Talks

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  • Fully organised and professionally produced podcasts and webinars
  • Elevate your product’s presence and increase the reach to a broader audience
  • Invite Kieran to speak at your company events and inspire your clients and your internal teams

Evangelism and Influence

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  • Increase your share of voice across Linkedin and other social channels


  • Social Media Posts and Blog
  • Articles and White Papers
  • Target Account Lead Nurturing
  • Newsletters

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AI and Jobs

10 Emerging Careers in the AI Age

As AI capabilities advance, workplaces will give rise to novel career paths that merge human workers with artificial intelligence. This represents the next frontier of opportunities for professionals willing to adapt and upskill. Those who embrace AI can create careers that are resistant to potential disruptions.  Those that don’t, risk...

AI in HR

How Generative AI is Reshaping HR

Imagine a future where HR evolved beyond routine, tedious tasks and becomes a strategic partner in building a thriving workforce. This isn't a pipe dream; it's a reality fueled by Generative AI; a technology poised to disrupt Human Resources (HR). This article explores how Generative AI can transform HR practices...

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