72% Of Businesses Make The Wrong Decisions – Make The Right Ones With Decision Intelligence

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72% Of Businesses Make The Wrong Decisions – Make The Right Ones With Decision Intelligence

The global economy could benefit from a $4.26tn improvement if we make better decisions. (Gartner top strategic trend for 2022).

Businesses make bad decisions primarily for two reasons;

– firstly, people – we make bad decisions due to 188 biases, over-confidences, lack of time etc.;

– secondly, our environment – our brain is 100,000 years old and technology has changed how we work and think and the volume of data and stimuli we have to process, on a day to day basis, is too much for us.

We need HELP to improve our decisions and we need help NOW.

Listen as I address questions such as ‘What is Decision Intelligence?’ ‘How does Conversational AI help drive better Decision Intelligence?’ and ‘The 5 key rules to improved decision making and Decision Intelligence’.

0:00​​ Introduction
1:33 Is Decision Intelligence the new AI?
2:21 Businesses can unleash $4.26tn per year globally by making better decisions
3:00 Why businesses make bad decisions
4:18 The consequences of bad decisions
5:46 Business environments are complex and this has consequences
7:32 How do we solve these issues?
7:37 5 rules to improve business decision making
10:50 Decision Intelligence
11:47 Decision Automation, Augmentation and Decision Support
13:13 Where can you use Decision Intelligence?
15:13 Decision Intelligence Platform
17:12 Benefits of Decision Intelligence
17:58 5 Steps t6o Making Better Decisions
18:56 End

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