Are IT failing the business because the business is failing IT?

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Are IT failing the business because the business is failing IT?

Ema Roloff is a digital transformation and change expert. In this ‘six questions with sixty seconds to answer each question’ interview I ask Ema if she feels IT are failing the business the business are failing it? Quite often business executives don’t fully understand digital or technology so they ask IT to make digital transformation happen.

But the IT team are quite often not the right people to lead a digital transformation program that involved a complete organisation skillset, mindset and product set change that may take years to happen.

The business, and its executive team, must lead transformation initiatives. They must bring the right teams into play at the right time e.g. HR, IT, Finance, PMO, sales, service. etc. Digital transformation is as much a change management play as it is a technology play.

Abdicating business transformation responsibility to IT for a business activity is wrong and fraught with peril as lots of firms discover. This is not a criticism of IT as that team want change to happen as they know the power technology can bring to business operations.

If you are thinking of Digital Transformation, and want to listen to someone who understands it, then Ema is the person you need to listen to.

📌Are the business failing IT because they are abdicating digital transformation to IT
📌Why are CEOs allowing the business to abdicate business change responsibility to IT
📌Reframing digital transformation as a business change program.
📌How do we transform the business and get the right technology to enable transformation?
📌Communicate the vision and digital transformation program.
📌Why do CEOs not talk excitedly about change management and invest in that area heavily?
📌Making digital transformation stick by opening the black box and communicating effectively.
📌Savvy executives plan, action and listen to the change they enabled and adjust course accordingly.

0:00​​ Introduction – IT is failing the business because the business is failing IT.
1:24​​ People make change happen; not technology.
3:36​​ Why is the CEO not talking excitedly about change programs?
5:18 Does the technology or business strategy come first? What is the right order and why?
6:36 Why are executives not on the shop floor explaining the why behind change and seeing the impact of their decisions up close?
8:06 How do you embed a culture of change?
9:47 Wrap Up.

Digital marketing, social selling, social media strategy, data analytics, digital transformation and intelligent automation are the hottest topics in the business world today.

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No gimmicks. No BS. Just great advice which can be put into practice the moment you have stopped watching this video.


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