Cyber Security Tips For Business Owners: Protect your company from online threats

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Cyber Security Tips For Business Owners: Protect your company from online threats

As companies and individuals grow their presences online and add more technology to their working lives, the threat to their digital security grows.

Listen into a webinar on cyber security where I gave advice and tips on how to protect your business

📌What is cyber security?
📌How to protect yourself and your business
📌Why cyber-attacks will never stop
📌Where cyber security is used and needed
📌Prevention is better than cure but recovery will be key
📌How to address cyber security risks
📌The types of cyber security hacks that are happening now
📌State threat actors

Cyber security, digital marketing, social selling, social media strategy, data analytics, digital transformation and intelligent automation are the hottest topics in the business world today.

Learn everything there is to know about these topics by listening to real world experts, including thought leaders from companies and academia, as they talk about their real-world digital experience to help you digitally evolve your business.

This is excellent advice that can be put into practice the moment you have stopped watching this video.

🤔 Who am I❓

Kieran Gilmurray – I help businesses digitally evolve using intelligent automation, data analytics and social media strategy.

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☎️ Social Media Strategy Branding and Social Selling
👩‍💻Technical writing
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