Do you know your blockchain from your crypto currency?

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Do you know your blockchain from your crypto currency?

Do you know your blockchain from your crypto currency? Or your NFTs and DEFIs from your DALs or crypto punks? Interested in the Metaverse and quantum computing? Then this is an interview you don’t want to miss.

If you are thinking of building a blockchain based business and want to listen to someone who truly understands it, then Mike McCoy is the person you need to listen to.

Link to the interview on my YouTube channel – which includes the following topics:

📌The definition of blockchain, Hyperledger and Ethereum.

📌 Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and DEFI (decentralised finance)

📌Cryptocurrencies, quantum computing and blockchain

📌Data privacy and security; public and private keys

📌Decentralised data ownership

📌FAIT currency and the function of central governing bodies

📌Crypto punks, Facebook and the social Metaverse

If you want to read more then are 7 different links to great insights and reseach.

  1. The Reading List by Decentralized: Blockchain and Crypto Definitions and Research
  2. a16z Crypto Canon: Crypto Definitions and Research
  3. Synaptic Health Alliance: Health insurance blockchain consortia led by Humana
  4. Institute of Emerging Health Professions at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital : where Mike is an adjunct professor
  5. The Linux Foundation Hyperleder Healthcare Special Interest Group (HC-SIG): where Mike holds biweekly presentations and general meetings covering the world of blockchain and healthcare 

 Newsworthy topics we mentioned in the video: 

  1. Visa purchases an NFT
  2. What’s all the fuss about NBA Top Shot

About the author: 

Kieran Gilmurray

Kieran is recognized as a digital transformation, intelligent automation, data analytics and social media strategy thought leader. Follow Kieran. Join him monthly on LinkedIn Live on the Third Thursday of each month. Or watch Kieran‘s YouTube channel or website.

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