Promoting Digital Literacy In The Healthcare Industry

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Promoting Digital Literacy In The Healthcare Industry

In this interview Irish award winning CIO Clare Harney talks about:

📌RPA – Robotic Process Automation and Intelligent Automation in HealthCare
📌Educating healthcare professionals on the art of the digitally possible.
📌Digital Health Postgraduate Education Qualifications
📌The business care for RPA in the healthcare sector
📌Digital transformation in the healthcare sector
📌Promoting transparency in healthcare using digital tech
📌Use cases for RPA and Intelligent Automation within the healthcare sector
📌Running RPA and Intelligent Automation in an affordable way withing healthcare
📌RCSI the graduate school of healthcare management

0:00​​ Introduction
0:46 Tell the audience a little more about you and what you do.
2:34 Is there a digital mindset within the healthcare sectors?
4:43 Should healthcare workers be forced to take a digital qualification?
6:28 How do you convince someone to move towards Digital Automation?
9:05 What use cases are there in terms of the medical industry of RPA and IA?
11:42 How do you help hospitals and healthcare businesses develop a business case for automation?
13:53 Who is building and maintaining the automations?
16:36 Would you mind telling us more about your post-graduate course to educate people?
18:06 What advice would you give to hospitals/healthcare workers about implementing RPA and IA?
19:40 How can people find out more about your work and get in touch with you?
20:30 Wrap up

If you wish to connect with Clare then find her on LinkedIn – or email – cl*********@gm***.com

Clare Harney – Managing Director HD Health, Digital Health Transformation, Director of Digital Development, HCI, RCSI Program Director, Digital Health Advisor


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