Robotic Process Automation Proof Of Concept – How, what and why by experts.

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Robotic Process Automation Proof Of Concept – How, what and why by experts.

About to evaluate RPA but want clear, unbiased advice from experts who have been there and are still going? Then read the following 5 articles from experts who have no other agenda than a desire to want to make a difference. These articles contain many, many years of hard won expertise in one of the hottest technology spaces for years.

  • Part 1: RPA works BUT it is a journey, not a project!
  • Part 2: It’s essential to choose the right process to evaluate the potential of RPA to deliver business outcomes aligned to organisational strategic goals.
  • Part 3: Don’t underestimate the effort or the importance of good process discovery and documentation.
  • Part 4: An automation team is not an island. Success is dependent on a range of cooperative partnerships with everyone pulling in the same direction.
  • Part 5: When is the right time to begin an #automation program? There is no shame in not starting an automation program if it is bound to fail at this moment in time.

RPA program to rapidly create, deliver and capture value as rapidly as possible. When it comes to RPA strategy the more time spent creating an automation plan, the less time there is to execute it, increasing the risk that the world has moved on and the plan is out of date. Therefore, implement a POV promptly to help to surface any automations plan’s flaws and identify where to improve. Dont wait, start now. 

Make mistakes but learn and learn fast. Iterate and succeed until you have an automation plan that works. This inevitably involves accepting a level of risk, but enterprises that embrace risk and respond quickly to events as they happen are more likely to succeed in an uncertain world.

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