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The Digital Fight Club Podcast

Growing tired of all the serious talk, hype, bloat and bias around our tech space, Francis Carden and I thought it was about time we turned it on its head and add some humor. Or at least try!

This is not to say we are not covering serious topics and driving thought provoking conversation from leaders in our space. It’s just, we want to attempt to do it in a lighter, more humorous way.

Whether we succeed in this goal is up to you. As potential guests for our “podcast show” or one of our ever-growing loyal followers, that enjoy listening to podcasts, or even if you don’t, this is for you. We think you will love listening to this format on your walks, pelotons, Apple fitness workouts or even whilst sipping Pina coladas on a beach. It will definitely help double your calorie burn (or additions).

So here it is, and as you will soon learn, with heavy investment and years of planning, and an accumulation of all of our skills and knowledge to bring you a world first, and hopefully, one of many humorous trips down current technological lanes.

Post below your favorite likely guest speakers and topics. The more you post/share/listen, the more we will invest!! Hope you also like the logo!

Enjoy… (With parent supervision where appropriate)

Francis and Kieran

Digital Transformation | Intelligent Automation Leader

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