The School of Automation The Student Experience – Viktoriia Khelemska

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The School of Automation The Student Experience – Viktoriia Khelemska

Listen in as Viktoriia Khelemska talks about her career transition from banking and finance to RPA and Intelligent Automation thanks to the School of Automation. Age or background are no barriers to developing a career in intelligent automation and robotic process automation.

Listen in as Viktoriia and I talk about:

📌The School of Automation –
📌Young, old, student, employed or unemployed – RPA is for everyone.
📌Starting in banking and changing career toward data analytics and RPA.
📌Robotic Process Automation is a career and more than that.
📌Automation is not just for the young, it is for everyone and every age.
📌The Irish Government and the School of Automation.
📌Code confidence and creativity goes up over time.
📌Coding and dressing code varies per company but the discipline is the same.
📌Female roles models in Robotic Process Automation are key to attracting others.
📌How to start a career in digital technology.

0:00​​ Introduction
0:44​​ How did you get started in RPA and digital automation?
2:16 Is RPA everything you dreamed it could be? Or more?
4:53 Tell us more about the School of Automation
6:24 Do you wish you started the School of Automation from the beginning?
7:38 Can everyone learn RPA and Intelligent Automation?
10:18 Do you think you need to be young to learn RPA and Intelligent Automation?
12:46 Do you have any female role models in the company?
14:24 What would you say to anyone thinking about starting a career in Digital Technology?
17:33 Ending


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