Are you on the intelligent automation naughty list this Christmas?

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Are you on the intelligent automation naughty list this Christmas?

No one wants to be on a naughty list this Christmas. But if you are in the intelligent automation or digital transformation industry and you have done any of the following, then it maybe time to make amends or you may not get any presents this Christmas (or indeed any other).

  1. 🎅 Claimed that process mining is the ‘actual’ answer everyone has been waiting for after after failing to get RPA, AI or intelligent automation to work.
  2. 🤶 Still have not setup a Centre or Excellence (COE) and wondered why your organisation’s automation program failed to take care of itself.
  3. 🧝♂️ Gave zero executive support to a digital transformation program, or said out loud that you were trying this but did not think this would work, and wondered why no one else wanted to get involved.
  4. 🧝♀️ Used the words democratisation, elasticity, Metaverse, NTFs, DeFi or Web 3.0 but don’t have a clue what they mean.
  5. ❄️ Have not aligned your HR, digital and business strategies and wondered why digital talent is so hard to get.
  6. 🦌 Had no digital, change management, data analytics or automation strategy and wondered why your firm is not a digital firm.
  7. 🍪 Very reluctantly gave your staff the freedom to work from home due to Covid after years of saying no (aka. I don’t trust you). Saw they were far happier and more productive than ever but then asked if wages should be cut as WFH was cheaper for everyone. And then declared that the WFH ‘arrangement’ was temporary and would end when Covid was over. Then wondered why your staff took part in the ‘great resignation’.
  8. 🥛 Claimed a Citizen Developer program simply would not work but your organisation never tried to set one up and secretly hated on developers as they did not do a degree like you, nor did they do 90 hours of coding a week on projects to get to where you are today. And you were the so called ‘professional developer’ who created the current tech debt!
  9. 🎁 Your organisation bought Zoom and your CEO claimed it now had a digital workforce.
  10. 🎄Bought bitcoin because social media reported on it, then sold bitcoin when they crashed in value, swore never to do that again but then you bought some more ‘just in case’.
  11. ⛄ Believed what you read on social media because you feel it must be true and there is not way that Facebook or other social networks filter your feed to reinforce a narrow set of views.
  12. 🍷 When you took no action off the results that process mining highlighted i.e. your saw that you processes were fragmented you ignored the vendor and blamed your Intelligent Automation team for getting you to spend more money on technology solutions that somehow still don’t fix human programs.
  13. 🎅 Did not create a comprehensive change management program to go with your automation program and wondered why folks were scared of a digital future.
  14. ✨ Looked at your LinkedIn feed 90 times a day, swore you would stop doing this but then continued doing this – secretly you enjoy it but wont say.
  15. ⛪ Focused on finding that ‘one technology solution’ that will fix the people problems you don’t want to admit to.
  16. ☃️ Produced no content for LinkedIn and claimed content marketing does not work.
  17. ⛄ Used automation and digital tooling to ’embalm’ existing processes and wondered why competitors, such as digital start-ups, who redesigned their businesses for a digital future were doing better then you?
  18. 🎁 Your firm treated RPA | IA | Digital Transformation as a project, rather than a pursuit, then declared victory after your first robot POC and wondered why everyone went back to working the analogue way they were working before.
  19. 🎄 Did automation or digital ‘things’ and forgot about customer or employee experience. When folks did not engage with your new digital ways of working you declared digital to be a media fad that would go away with Covid.
  20. 🦌 You spend 2021 focused on complaining that digital was taking over the world, rather than jumping in and taking part, and then wondered why you are getting left behind by your competitors.

What else do you think should go on this intelligent automation or digital transformation naughty list this Christmas?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below 👇

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