Discover How Learning Robotic Process Automation Can Transform Lives

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Discover How Learning Robotic Process Automation Can Transform Lives

Are you looking for a career path that can provide you with the skills and qualifications to succeed in the ever-growing field of digital technology?

Look no further than the School of Automation, founded in 2020! With RPA, students and the unemployed can not only learn, but also earn, as they embark on a journey towards a fulfilling career in automation.

Governments in Ireland and the UK are dedicated to ensuring that digital skills flourish, as low class/high class structures are being smashed. Learning RPA offers the social advantage of gaining digital skills, transforming minds as to what is possible. Remote working and IT also protect local communities, while learning new skills and gaining confidence – even if you are currently unemployed.

This is a win-win situation for both learners and employers, offering affordable skills for less money, without compromising on talent. Join the revolution of RPA and unlock your potential in digital tech today!

📌The School of Automation was founded in 2020
📌RPA enables students and the unemployed to learn and earn
📌A career in automation with the skills and qualifications leaners need
📌Governments in Ireland and the UK want digital skills to flourish
📌The social advantage of digital skills
📌Transforming minds as to what is possible
📌Remote working and IT protects local communities
📌Learning skills and confidence
📌From employed from unemployed
📌A win win from learner and employer – affordable skills for less money, not less talent

0:00​​ Introduction
0:46​​ Marc Cooper CEO School of Automation
3:53 How do you appeal to different age groups?
4:37 Do different age groups consume digital skills differently?
7:14 Areas of high deprivation in the UK and Ireland
9:38 Learning Digital Marketing
11:46 Learner and earners working from home
13:27 What are the School of Automation students now doing?
18:55 From unemployed to employed
20:48 How do the students feel?
29:46 Wrap Up


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