Documents are the arteries of organisations

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Documents are the arteries of organisations

🎬 “Documents are the arteries of a modern day organisations” Petr Baudis.

To finally meet and interview Petr Baudis, founder, CTO and Chief AI Architect of Rossum and hear Petr talk about Alpha Go, IDP (Intelligent Document Processing), AI, Cloud, documentation automation and lots more besides was an education in itself.

0:00​​ Introduction
1:54 What is document automation?
4:13 The future direction of the document processing industry
5:11 Artificial Intelligence as hype or a beneficial tool for the real world?
7:30 Is RPA as the future of automation or something else?
9:57 Effective IDP exception handling
13:05 Rossum’s state of the art AI neural networks, IDP value proposition, and the end to end handling of business communications.
15:45 Gartner and Hyper Automation
17:50 Key considerations to select an IDP platform
20:20 Connecting with Petr and Rossum
21:47​ Wrap up

Digital transformation and intelligent automation are the two hottest topics in the business world today.

Learn everything there is to know about digital transformation, intelligent automation, robotic process automation and data analytics by listening to real world experts.

Thought leaders from high and emerging technology companies and academia talk about their real world digital transformation experience to help you digitally transform your business.

No gimmicks. No BS. Just great advice which can be put into practice the moment you have stopped watching this video.


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