To RBPO or not to BPOs that is the question

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To RBPO or not to BPOs that is the question

Mahesh Vinayagam believed in RPA so much he quit his executive job. In this interview Mahesh, CEO qBotica, talks in great detail about where he sees the RPA, RBPO and Automation as a Service market.

If you are thinking of RPA, Robotic Business Process Outsourcing (RBPO) and the Future of Work, and want to listen to someone who understands it, then Mahesh is the person you must listen to.

📌Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Robotic Business Process Outsourcing (RBPO)
📌Cloud computing using RPA, data access and data security.
📌Automation as a Service
📌The future of Business Process Outsourcing, bot sourcing and insourcing
📌 AI and machine learning and its impact on work
📌 Is wage arbitration still relevant or have India companies moved up the value chain?
📌Job changes in the future now RPA and RBPOs are growing – do we need people anymore?
📌 The promise that technology would replace people but not so far if ever

0:00 Beginning.
0:36​​ Introduction to Mahesh Vinayagam CEO of qBotica.
1:54​​ How and why the BPO industry grew.
3:24 Is wage arbitration still relevant?
4:40 Where is the BPO industry moving directionally?
6:43 Do we need people anymore?
9:24 How does an RBPO work? SOP changes? Contract changes? Mindset change?
10:38 Impact on human labour of RBPOs and the fact that work can be done from anywhere?
12:57 What work are humans left with if RPA and RBPOs play out?
13:56 Revolutions, digital or industrial, always create more roles than they destroy.
16:17 Close and the lessons Covid has taught us over the last 18 months

RBPOs, RPA, Intelligent Automation, Digital marketing, digital transformation, the future of work, social selling, social media strategy, data analytics, robotic process automation and intelligent automation are the hottest topics in the business world today.

Learn everything there is to know about these topics by listening to real world experts, including thought leaders from companies and academia, as they talk about their real world digital experience to help you digitally evolve your business.

No gimmicks. No BS. Just great advice which can be put into practice the moment you have stopped watching this video.


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