Workforce Optimisation (WFM) and Hybrid Contact Centres

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Workforce Optimisation (WFM) and Hybrid Contact Centres

Emma Skygebjerg is a European Contact Centre Expert. Emma is a Director of Workforce Management (WFM) at

If you are thinking of Workforce Management, Contact Centres and the Future of Work, and want to listen to someone who understands it, then Emma is the first person you must listen to.

Listen in to this interview if you want to learn more about:

πŸ“Œ Using Workforce Management (WFM) to move contact centers from cost units to profit units
πŸ“Œ Contact centres employees as a valuable resource,
πŸ“Œ Better agent experience leading to better customer experience
πŸ“Œ How organisations contact centers can design for a better life-work balance?
πŸ“Œ Hybrid workplaces and the benefits to businesses, customers and agents.
πŸ“Œ What do organisations need to do to implement a WFM successfully?
πŸ“Œ Building a business case for Workforce Management
πŸ“Œ Cross selling, upselling, % return on investment, the combination of customer and agent experience that drives ROI

0:33​​ Introduction to Emma and what modern contact centres now focus on
1:27​​ WFM Erlang average of averages measurement to accurate AI driven insight
3:56 What lessons have companies learned from Covid that may or may not sustain?
6:30 What’s the best use of WFM you have seen in a business?
8:20 The right balance of metrics needed from WFM to aid digital transformation?
9:19 Future direction of WFM systems and their clients who buy WFM systems
14:33 Close and how to connect with Emma and

Link to Emma – or hop over to her company web site for more information on WFM.

Useful reports provided by for your knowledge, understanding and use:

βœ” Puzzel’s latest report with the CCMA on hybrid working and elevating the front line:

βœ” Puzzel’s WFO contact Babel sponsored report:

βœ” Puzzel’s agent well-being white paper:

βœ” Puzzel’s website with more information on WFM:

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