An experts guide to the A-Z of all things RPA, Data Analytics, Intelligent Automation and Digital Transformation. Articles 11 -20 for FREE.

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An experts guide to the A-Z of all things RPA, Data Analytics, Intelligent Automation and Digital Transformation. Articles 11 -20 for FREE.

An experts guide to the A-Z of all things RPA, Data Analytics, Intelligent Automation and Digital Transformation. Articles 11 -20 for FREE.

Welcome to my series ‘An experts guide to the A-Z of all things Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Data Analytics (DA), Intelligent Automation (IA) and Digital Transformation (DT)’.

This is a LinkedIn series where I have been sharing a post starting with the letter “A” and ending with the letter “Z”. In this series you will learn tips and insights to build far greater understanding of Robot Process Automation (RPA), Intelligent Automation (IA), Data Analytics (DA) and Digital Transformation (DT) from real world experts.

I am using what I have learned over the past 25 year plus to give back to LinkedIn’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Intelligent Automation (IA), Data Analytics (DA) and Digital Transformation (DT) communities.

I have started this article to make it easier for people like yourself to follow along. I don’t want you to miss out on anything, and it is a great place to come back to for reference.

I hope that this series is very helpful and informative to you. I would love to read your comments, and hear your opinions so please engage and share any posts that you see fit to you.

If you would like to contribute ‘independent, vendor agnostic’ real world expertise to this series please do reach out to me.

J – is for Jira | JourneyJira | Journey | Jikoda | Justify (your business case) | Jargon | Japan | Joblessness & Journalists | Jaded

K – is for KPIs | Knowledge Transfer | Knowledge Sharing | KISS | Keystrokes | Kryon | Kapwing | Kissing Frogs and Kimonos

L – is for Low Code | Learning and Developing IA Talent | Latency – bot time out older app? | Lead time | Light weight | Leadership | Languages | Libraries

M – is for Money | Manual Processes | Machine learning | Mid-Market | Maintenance | MVP | Metrics

N – is for NLP | NLU | NLG | Non Invasive | Net Benefits | Number of Bots | Number of Processes | New Revenue | New Advantage

O – is for OCR | Opensource | Operational Efficiencies | Operating Model | Operations | Outcomes | Outsource | Optimization

P – is for Playbook | Process Mapping | Program Lead | Process Mining | Programmer | PR | POC | Process Orchestration | People | Partner | PMO

Q – is for QBR | Quality | Quit | Quantify | Queue | Question | Qualify | Queen Bee | Quantity | Q&A | Quest

R – is for Robot | ROI | Reference Site | Risks and Compliance | Roll Out | Real Time (Analytics) | Risk Assessment | Relationship Management | Reflection | Remove | Reusable

S – is for SME | SLAs | Start Small | Scale | Strategic Item | Strategic Cost & Agility Advantage | Systems Integrator | Security | Segregation of Duty | Screen Scraping | Solution Architect

T – is for Tool Kit | Testing | Tasks | Team Work | Try IT | Third Party | Technology

What rules do you consider to be the most important A, B, Cs for RPA/ IA and digital transformation?

To name but a few of the many, many, real world battle hardened, contributors.

Thank you Gourav DattaFaisal IftikharGraham LeeHenri Wiik, Roger Berkley, Alexander ParkTolani (aka RPA Jargon Buster) Jaiye-TikoloEma RoloffBalint Laszlo PappDanilo McGarryLewis WalkerLasse RindomWilliam RoseberryKonstantinos VogiatzakisAnna LagerhedThomas AllenAmahl WilliamsNitin KamraGraham LeeArif KhanJon SilverWayne ButterfieldNandan MullakaraKally GillMartin LauIan BarkinRoger GrimwadeShail KhiyaraJan Mastalski, Andrej Popovic, Rakesh Chawla, Kumar Sourva, Rakesh ChawlaDe Jongh Computing SystemsSAP Intelligent RPABhawna MittalTruVs IncMora Awosile MA, Prince2, BCS, CISMPCScience IAPavani rkoduriAyelet Gazit (Carmi)Nathan CarnesSharath RajuRichard DentonNick AndrewsPradeep KintaliThomas AllenSatish PrasadNikhilesh SathyavarapuAnmol YadavJennifer CascoTolani Jaiye-TikoloPeter HelthJeremiah CoseJessica LevettEric NguyenMatthew CoffeyArif KhanEdward HalseyBrett FraserJani RahjaWilliam RoseberryJan MastalskiWayne ButterfieldNirmala ChaturiJoe LabbeNick AndrewsPaul ArnoldMartin Lau Soon Kiat (刘顺杰 / มาร์ติน)Darren MeeMark BarrettIan HawkinsGavin PriceJohn GrancarichSupratik RayJon SilverAllan SurteesHarrison GoodeDermot CarrollMike Swetman and Ralph Aboujaoude Diaz for their exceptional insights. There are many more experts in the article whose deserve praise too. My thanks to each and everyone.

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Note: The views expressed above are my views and not those of my employer, nor the employers of the experts contributing to this series.

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