Digital Marketing Leadership 101

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Digital Marketing Leadership 101

Lynzi Ashworth is Head of Digital Marketing for EMEA at AON. AON are a multinational professional services firm that sells a range of financial risk-mitigation products, including insurance, pension administration, and health-insurance plans. Aon has approximately 50,000 employees in 120 countries.

If you are thinking of Digital Marketing, and want to listen to someone who understands it, then Lynzi is the person you need to listen to.

📌Definition of Digital Marketing
📌Social Media and Social Selling and Brand Building
📌LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and more
📌Personal Branding and Social Media Prospecting
📌Traditional Marketing
📌Seamless Omni channel experience
📌Marketing Strategy – Facebook, Instagram, Other
📌Digital Marketing KPIs
📌Outsource of Insource digital marketing
📌Digital Marketing Learning
📌Digital Marketing Data and Campaign Building

0:00​​ Introduction
1:14​​ Definition of Digital Marketing
2:08 Social Selling and the importance of brand building
3:09 Is there still room for traditional marketing
4:07 Marketing Strategy – Facebook, Instagram, other and marketing KPIs
6:50 Should firms outsource of Insource digital marketing
8:02 Learning Digital Marketing
9:26 Clubhouse or not? What is hot to trot?
10:51 Should companies buy or build their own customer data sets?
12:02 Targeting customers with a digital campaign?
14:00 Wrap Up

Digital marketing, social selling, social media strategy, data analytics, digital transformation and intelligent automation are the hottest topics in the business world today.

Learn everything there is to know about these topics by listening to real world experts, including thought leaders from companies and academia, as they talk about their real world digital experience to help you digitally evolve your business.

No gimmicks. No BS. Just great advice which can be put into practice the moment you have stopped watching this video.


Kieran Gilmurray- I help businesses digitally evolve using intelligent automation, data analytics and social media.

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