The future of work may not be what we want but we can fix it now

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The future of work may not be what we want but we can fix it now

Coreyne Woodman-Holoubek is a HR Future of Work expert, LinkedIn Live broadcaster and owner of Progressive HR talks about how the future of work may not be what we want but we can fix it if we plan now.

If you are thinking of HR and Future of Work, and want to listen to someone who understands it, then Coreyne is the person you need to listen to.

📌The upsides and downsides of digitization and automation
📌Education on the downside of AI, AI Ethics and an over dependency on technology.
📌Government’s role in the future of work
📌How stakeholders can help create policy for AI
📌Expectations staff will have to come back to the office post Covid
📌Fame, money etc. don’t matter; quality of life matters more than ever.
📌Designing organisations to take advantage of technology
📌How organisations design for life-work balance?
📌Hybrid workplaces and what is work?
📌Are employers now expected to bend and yield too much for their employees?
📌Job incentives, personalizing and individualizing what workplaces offer people

0:28​​ The Downsides of Automation and Digitisation
1:03​​ How do firms prepare to mitigate downsides?
3:13 Government’s role in incentivising automation and digitisation.
4:18 Have we learned valuable lessons from Covid?
7:53 How organisations design for life-work balance?
9:53 Are employers expected to bend and yield a little bit too much?
13:45 Covid has taught firms to have confidence in the teams.
14:05 What do you see as the leader of the future and how should firms operate?
14:54 Close

Digital marketing, digital transformation, the future of work, social selling, social media strategy, data analytics, robotic process automation and intelligent automation are the hottest topics in the business world today.

Learn everything there is to know about these topics by listening to real world experts, including thought leaders from companies and academia, as they talk about their real world digital experience to help you digitally evolve your business.

No gimmicks. No BS. Just great advice which can be put into practice the moment you have stopped watching this video.


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